Field Trip to 57th street bookstore and gallery opening

Roxaony reports:   On the first day of Art Ready, with our mentor Marci MacGuffie, we went to 57th Street. First we stopped at Rizzoli book store to look at some art books. Then we went to the opening of AFTER PARADISE curated by Stephanie Buhmann at Jason McCoy Gallery. Marci’s work was in this show along with artists: James Brooks, Yvonne Estrada, Sidney Geist, Glenn Goldberg, Arshile Gorky, Damien Hirst, Lee Krasner, Christiane Löhr, Marci MacGuffie, Bryan Osburn, Milton Resnick, David Row, Richard Stankiewicz, Tamara Zahaykevich and Balint Zsako. There were amazing pieces of work at the show and we were there for about 2 hours…

Anayeli and Roxaony at Rizzoli Flagship bookstore on 57th

Books that inspire us!

Stephanie Buhmann, the gallery director, gave us a tour of the show

Stephanie Buhmann, Ivonne Estrada's watercolor

Roxaony and visitors at the opening, Balint Zsako drawing

Anayeli was intrigued with the drawings by Balint Zsako.  She writes:

“Hungarian born Zsako is an extroadinary artist who explores sex and the unconcious minds of humans. He currently is showing some of his work at Jason McCoy Gallery as part of After Paradise. His work is simple yet complex. Even though he uses a minimum amount of color they are stimulating to the human eye.  Some of his works reminded me of the story of Adam and Eve.  After discussing these works at the gallery,  I recognized he was telling more of his own story.  In reality his works are more about the equality between men and women, culture and the mind.  –Anayeli

Anayeli's sketchbook drawing of Sparkling Water

“The Wonders Of Sparkling Water”

Roxaony too had a surprising response to her first taste of carbonated water…

After a while I got really thirsty, so I went over to the man serving drinks hoping that he would have soda or some juice. When I looked into the ice bucket, he only had wine and champagne. Bummer, I thought. So I asked him if there is water available.  He pulled out this curvy, fancy named beverage. He said, ‘it’s sparkling water,’ and I thought that meant it was shiny!  Then I took my first sip right in front of him.  If I hadn’t been at an art show opening, I might have spit it out. I’ve tasted vitamin water, propel water, & flavored water, but this was the worst. I tried to finish it, just to be polite, but I couldn’t.   I don’t plan to drink bubbly water again but I enjoyed the field trip to Rizzoli bookstore and seeing the artwork at the gallery.  The end. –Roxaony

Anayeli ponders the story of Adam & Eve in front of Marci MacGuffie's sculpture

The themes of our adventure!

All photos taken by Anayeli and Roxaony. Graphic design by Mentor.

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