CHANDI photo shoots + discharge printing + airbrush make-up

On the first session we discussed the creative process. We talked about brainstorming and finding and collecting inspiration for future projects. We are collaborating on an upcoming fashion photo shoot to include on my website and Etsy. We talked about styling, make-up, set design, location and overall concept.

Last week we ordered shirts for the girls to print on. I wanted to teach them how to silk screen using the discharge technique. Discharge is a water-based material that removes the dye from fabric. It involves steaming the shirt in order to develop the print. It only works on natural fibers (cotton) and with reactive dyes. Adriana and Catherine picked out images then printed and ironed their shirts that they got to keep.

CHANDI showing them how to center the image on the shirt.

Adriana printing her shirt.

Catherine ironing, developing and heat setting her image.

The steam makes the discharge paste develop, removing the dye from the fabric.

This week I invited artist MaryKate Maher to talk about her work and demonstrate airbrush make-up techniques for the upcoming photo shoot that we are collaborating on.  Adriana volunteered to have her face painted and MaryKate painted a design on Catherine’s arm. Then they both took turns using the airbrush to paint designs on Skye’s arm.

MaryKate preparing make-up for the airbrush.

MaryKate airbrushing Adriana.

Adriana's glamour shot!

MaryKate using a stencil for a design on Catherine's arm.

Catherine's glamour shot!

Catherine airbrushing Skye's arm.

– Posted by CHANDI, fashion designer.


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