Britt and Zipp peruse the booths

On March 2nd we visited the Armory Art Fair at Pier 94. An art fair is a big show where people go to view and buy artwork.

One of the pieces I really liked at the art fair was a piece with many stamps from Italy, in the shape of an American flag. I enjoyed it because you really had to look deeply into it to understand the artwork. If you looked at it from afar you wouldn’t notice where the stamps were from. I don’t know much about the artist but if I had to guess I’d think he was an Italian living in America. The piece tells a story without saying anything. It was very original, and I enjoyed it very much!

Another piece I liked was called the Smoking Pizza. The artwork was trying to portray the slice of pizza as a smoker. He had a sad face full of cigarette ash and bubbly ugly “skin”. It was very unique and hard to understand in the beginning. But it was very funny and creative when I actually understood the concept… that smoking is even bad for pizzas.

– Posted by Brittany
Mentors: Eve Sussman and Simon Lee, Video Artists

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