Britt and Zipp watch the clock

On February 16th we met in Chelsea to go to the Paula Cooper Gallery to see Christian Marclay’s piece The Clock. There were a lot of interesting things and many ways to describe the work. It was definitely very creative. The clock piece is a 24-hour video that included thousands of clips from movies and television shows.

Every clip included time, whether it came directly from a clock or from someone speaking. The purpose of the piece was to correlate the time in the video with the time in the real world. What had to be the most difficult part during the creation of this video made it most interesting. The fact that he was able to find so many pieces of film, and was then able to incorporate them with every single time of day was definitely enough to make it worth watching… and waiting in line for 45 minutes.

– Posted by Brittany
Mentors: Eve Sussman and Simon Lee, Video Artists

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