Discovering what 15 square feet feels like (and other ideas…)

Octavia is off to a great start and is at the beginning of her design process.  She has been diagramming and developing a program and is about to begin working on Schematic Design.  In the coming weeks she will begin experimenting with her concept on an urban site:

“So far I’ve been working on a civic experiment and I came up with two ideas: one an indoor water park ,  the other being a free fitness center for teens.  I decided to pursue the fitness center.

This civic space for teenagers and younger children is to help maintain good healthy habits and prevent obesity.  Kids 17 and under can get a chance and sign up for a membership as long as they keep healthy eating habit logs.  It is important to the urban environment because too many people are not eating right because of the cost and proximity of certain foods to where they live.   This is also a problem with fitness centers.  Nearby the site are a large group of housing apartments that can benefit from my program.

This center would also help provide needed information about jobs to teens and make it possible for them to stay positive, successful and off of the streets. You have different varieties of machines to work out with, different ways to work out, and a small café for healthy eating.

So far I’ve learned how to use the architectural scale, and have begun to become familiar with architectural drawings.  I have also started using the computer to look at massing studies.”

Pictures to come in the following weeks!

– Posted by Julia Tate, Sage & Coombe Architects


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