The Art of Handcrafting Jewelry

In the last couple of weeks – Marcos and Naomi have learned to handcraft their own rings from start to finish with jewelry artist Caroline Glemann. They began by recycling silver by melting it down using a charcoal block and an acetylene torch and pouring it into an ingot. Then they rolled it out in a rolling mill to make their own wire. Next they formed their wire into round rings and soldered them shut.  They finished their rings by putting a high polished finish with the polishing wheel. They were surprised to learn how many steps are involved to make a “simple” ring.

We field tripped to the Diamond District by Rockefeller Center and visited a lapidary – or stone cutter. They were shown how rough stones get cut down to faceted, polished gems. They also picked out gems for one of the classes taught at Caroline’s jewelry studio.

rough stones before they are cut and polished

faceting gemstones

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