Updates from Mentor George Boorujy

March 16
Since my studio is so close, we decided to go check out the Brooklyn Museum today. I knew there was a tepee show up, and thought that the girls might like it. Well, we barely made it up to the tepees  in time. I had forgotten what a good collection the BK Museum has. Eugenia and Hana were incredibly impressed, and took a lot of time with pieces that I usually breeze by and don’t take a proper look at. I get museum fatigue pretty quickly and can tend towards going through them like I’m being chased. It was good to be reminded to slow down.

Got up to the tepee show which did not disappoint. I was interested in showing them how contemporary Native American artists have taken their traditions into the present time. I think they really liked it.

Eugenia views a teepee at the Brooklyn Museum

Teepee at the Brooklyn Museum

They also liked Judy Chicago. Although we had to rush through the dinner party as the museum was closing…

Eugenia and Hana at the Brooklyn Museum

March 30

The past two weeks we’ve been playing around with using inks. Eugenia has a bit of a thing for Japan, and decided to do a re-interpretation of an old print. It came out great. Hana has such a light touch and is interested in nature. She played around with a bird drawing and then the second week started trying watercolors on an Audubon-looking piece. Both girls have such different styles, and it’s cool to see how they find their way into some new materials.

Eugenia and Hana drawing with ink


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