apexart Field Trip, 2/23/12

A quote from Kim Jong Il's book about the Juche PhilsophyNatalia explaining the exhibit

Apexart Fieldtrip, a set on Flickr.

On Thursday, February 23, the art ready students took a trip to lower Manhattan’s very own apexart to have a special tour, led by staff, of their latest exhibit  “A Postcard from Afar: North Korea from a Distance.” The Art Ready students listened to Program Manager Julia Knight speak about apexart and then the Director of Operations, Natalia Nakazawa, gave the tour of the whole exhibit. The show features work by Magnus Bärtås, Peter Cave, Alain Declercq, Jim Finn, Tony Garifalakis, Soni Kum, Jung Lee, and Karl Tuikkanen.

North Korea’s whereabouts are unknown to the world outside its borders, and for this exhibition the artists tried to develop work that would touch on what the real North Korea is in actuality.

"The Hill Have Eyes" by Tony Garifalakis

One of the highlights of the tour was examining “The Hill Have Eyes” by Tony Garifalakis. It was interesting because at first glance you wouldn’t be able to tell that there are eyes embedded within the camouflage. Natalia asked us to think about the concept of camouflage and what comes to mind when we hear the word. Some students came up with words like “concealing,” “hiding,” and “obscure.” These words then led us to start thinking about North Korea and how it is as if it is “camouflaged” from the outside world.

Another interesting concept the art ready group discussed was how North Korea presents itself to the outside world. Jung Lee’s “Bordering North Korea” is one piece that explored this concept by showing views of North Korea’s borders seen from the other side, in South Korea.

Malik stands in front of Jung Lee's "Bordering North Korea"

It was really interesting to see this exhibit after studying North Korea in school, and have my view that outsiders will never know what North Korea is like confirmed.

The Art Ready at apexart. Photo credit: Natalia Nakazawa and apexart

Post by Dayalin, Exploring the Arts Intern


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