More Paper Space. . .

March 14, 2012

After deep thought and tough decision-making, I’ve come up with four models, although I only like three. They are mainly composed of paper, with two of the models concentrating on layers. I felt that the first model I worked on didn’t properly execute my ideas. The second model was a more complete version of my first model and it portrayed my idea in the simplest way. With this model, I was attempting to create an area that would encompass the people enjoying its space. The fact that the strips of paper (they represent “bars”) bend outward allows the light to pass through as stripes along the entire interior.

My third model was designed after a leaf and is held up by paper straws. The design is meant to tower overhead and sort of be something that you can look up at. Really, the last two models were more geared towards architectural structures that would go in the space around my second model. The fourth model is an improvement on the third model with more loops at the top of the structure. Although, I think that both the third and the fourth model can be seen as separate structures.

– Julissa


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