Eve, Simon, Peggy and Adam visit Doug Wheeler


Image from Doug Wheeler installation


Page from Adam's journal

Peggy’s reflections on Doug Wheeler at David Zwirner Gallery

Simon, Eve, Adam, and I trudged and endured the arduous five day line of the Doug Wheeler exhibit (and by five days I mean one hour). Finally making it inside the building, I felt absolutely silly taking off my shoes to don little shower cap-like booties. Mine were particularly silly because they curled up at the toe like an elf due to my tiny feet. It was, as Eve put it, a “religious experience.” Luckily, this religious experience didn’t involve smelly feet. The “Infinity Room” reminded me of limbo at first; the stark whiteness made everything surreal, as if we were in another dimension. The beautiful lights mimicking the movements of the sun rising and setting brought me back to reality. Ah yes! The sun, of course, of course. That little bugger. For what seemed like very less than fifteen minutes (that was our time limit), I took joy in every cautious step forward into the vast nothingness. It was also quite amusing watching others sharing this same revelation in their own charming ways. Adam and I only wished we could sneak our cameras in there. I know I desperately wanted to film, but alas, I’ll still have my memories.

I am very excited and thankful to be a part of this program. As well as to be paired up with Eve and Simon. They both made it clear that our mentorship would be more of a learning experience rather than focusing on an end of the year project which I am totally stoked about. I always felt that the pressure of creating of a final project always took away from enjoying the learning experience. This way Adam and I can just soak all the knowledge in, like a sponge.

Mentors: Eve Sussman and Simon Lee, photo/video artists


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