Kena and Keianna work with porcelain clay

Post by Susan Graham, sculpture/mixed media mentor

For the first six weeks of the Art Ready mentorship, Kena and Keianna were introduced to working with porcelain clay.  Both students expressed a desire to “get my hands dirty” and “make something”, so we focused on completing a few projects, working quickly within the limited time frame.  Working with clay is a multi-step process, so each student had to plan ahead and have an idea of what she wanted to create. Keianna focused on animal imagery in the pieces she made, and she especially wanted to make a sculpture depicting a panda, her favorite animal:

Keianna's porcelain panda sculpture

Keianna at work (photo by Kena)

Kena is planning to work on drawing a self-portrait later during the mentorship, so she extended the idea of self-portraiture to include her signature–for her porcelain piece, she made an embellished 3-D version of her signature:


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