Ronisha reflects on her experiences with Tara St. James, Fashion Design Mentor at Study Inc.

Smack Mellon has been a fun and interesting experience for me for the past several months. Many other high school students in the Smack Mellon program and I attended many art-related trips to amazing art galleries and museums. Although junior year started off really busy, attending my mentor Tara St. James’ fashion studio once a week made learning more interesting. You’d think after a long day of school I’d be really exhausted, but I’m always excited about each week and what’s to come. About two weeks ago I quickly learned how to knit a scarf using various colors and yarn fabrics with the help of Tara and Sarah, another student who attends the program with me. I struggled in the beginning, trying to get the hang of holding the needles properly. As I got used to the technique it became much easier and faster for me. The studio is a very safe, calm and really comfortable environment and everyone is really friendly and helpful. I’m looking forward to constructing a garment for my final project to share at the end of the program.  I’m glad I made the right decision with choosing Tara as my mentor and I thank Smack Mellon for this opportunity. I wish more teens were exposed to this mentorship program.

–   Ronisha

Photo coming soon!


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Mentorship Program Manager, Smack Mellon
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