Studio Visit: Natalia Nakazawa, Multimedia Artist, 11/14/12

Fascinated by eyesWhat inspired you to create this?Working hardStation twoDo I like this pattern?Completed pattern
Station oneSearching for picturesThe final productTouching painting

Art Ready Fall 2012 Studio Visit: Natalia Nakazawa, a set on Flickr.

Art Ready is back in session! For our second day of Art Ready, students took a trip to Bushwick to meet multimedia artist Natalia Nakazawa. When we entered her studio, she greeted all students by letting them know that touching her art work was acceptable after seeing most students so anxious to touch what popped out at them.

After everyone had gotten adjusted to the temperature of the studio, Natalia began to elaborate on her largest piece of art work in the room. The painting placed on the right side of the door showed a woman pointing a bouquet gun at her husband. She explained that the materials that she discovers are the inspiration for her work. At the same time, she likes to collect things like sequins and items from other cultures that generally become pop cultural icons.Intrigued by what they were hearing, students began asking questions about other pieces of art that were around the room.

One painting in particular that caught the attention of the students was an acrylic painting to the left of the door of her studio. It was a painting of a blue blob with large black animated eyes. Natalia’s explanation for this painting and similar ones was that she had a fascination with animated eyes.

Before the trip came to an end, it was time for our mini art project! The students were each given a half sheet of paper and a variety of different colored triangular shapes as well as magazines. For about fifteen to twenty minutes we worked on many different patterns and creations incorporating pictures cut out from magazine articles and paper triangles. The trip wrapped up after everyone had finished their pieces of art.

In my opinion, this trip was a great way for students to learn how to utilize their surroundings in their artwork.

By Dennis Metoyer, Exploring The Arts Intern


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