Art Ready Fall 2012 Studio Visit: Emilie Shapiro/Liloveve Studio, Jewelry Design

Cassandra the studio cat!Wax carving to make ring moldsAshley discovers her ring sizeCaroline demonstrates how to melt and shape metalIn the studioJewelry display cases
Emilie introduces her workCaroline Glemann introduces Liloveve, the Williamsburg jewelry studio she foundedDownstairs workstation, where classes are heldKayla uses carving toolsTania works on a wax moldTaliana works on a wax mold

Art Ready Fall 2012 Studio Visit: Emilie Shapiro/Liloveve Studio, Jewelry Design, a set on Flickr.

At our visit to Liloveve jewelry studio in Williamsburg, students got to see examples of jewelry made by jewelry design mentor Emilie Shapiro (who also manages the Liloveve studio), and Liloveve’s founder Caroline Glemann. Glemann sells jewelry, organizes exhibitions of other artists and designers, and teaches jewelry classes in the storefront space’s basement studio.

Students learned about different jewelry-making techniques, including melting and polishing recycled silver, and creating wax molds for rings, which the group got to experience first-hand by carving some of their own molds. Emilie and Caroline also described how jewelry design can be inspired by many things, including natural materials like the seashells and stones, and recycled objects, that are the basis for much of Emilie’s jewelry.

Students who work with Emilie as a mentor will have the opportunity to both make their own jewelry at Liloveve, and learn about the business, such as attending jewelry showcases and visiting the diamond district to purchase materials.


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