Studio Visit: Eve Sussman and Simon Lee, Photo/Video Artists, 12/12/12

Simon introduces students to his Williamsburg studioSimon is creating sliding curtains for an upcoming gallery installationSimon explains his upcoming installationStudents view Simon's photo collagesSimon arranges his photos into collages--each one usually contains 3 subjectsSimon shows students his collection of found vintage photo prints
These chairs are being used in a stop-motion animation video

Art Ready Fall 2012 Studio Visit: Eve Sussman and Simon Lee, Photo/Video Artists, a set on Flickr.

Eve Sussman and Simon Lee are a married couple who live and work in two adjacent loft spaces on Brooklyn’s formerly industrial Kent Avenue in Williamsburg. They sometimes collaborate on projects, but also make work separately, so for our Art Ready visit, we saw Simon’s photography and installation work first, then ventured to Eve’s studio for a film screening in her mini-theater. Eve and Simon’s work is similar in that both artists use experimental techniques to push the limits of film and photography, and to blur boundaries between film, photography, sculpture and performance.

Simon showed us his kinetic installation in progress, in which a box connected to a curtain will be set up to move across the walls of the gallery and project shadows onto a screen, revealing collages of found photographs. Simon has a massive collection of old photographic prints (processed using film rather than a digital camera), and he showed how he has been grouping them into collages based on different categories.

Eve showed several films in progress, including one in which a building was rendered to look completely flat (a position impossible to capture with a camera) so that all the windows could be seen at the same time. Over the course of the film, the windows revealed different scenes taking place inside, and colors changed according to time of day. Another film showed different pieces of building facades collaged together, which subtly morphed and changed.

After our visit to Eve and Simon, several students expressed their fascination with the new ways of working they had encountered, and the old-fashioned and eccentric objects and images in Eve and Simon’s expansive work spaces–art can be inspired by many things.


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