Art Ready Fall 2012 Studio Visit: Victoria Calabro, Sculpture/Installation Artist at Urban Glass Studio

After showing slides of her own artwork, Victoria shows students how to design a sand-blasted glass by making patterns with stickers.Sudents wait in line to sand-blast their decorated glasses. Everything covered by a sticker will remain clear, creating patterns in the frosted glass.Victoria helps Ashley sand-blast her glass.Gelsomine washes off her sand-blasted glass to reveal the pattern.Victoria introduces students to Urban Glass, a Gowanus, Brooklyn glass workshopVictoria describes how she creates warped picture frames out of glass for her sculptural installations.
Urban GlassStudents get to work on decorating their own drinking glasses.P1020042Jahsiah works on his glass.Odette works on her glass.Raihannah at work.
Tania starts decorating her glass.Using the stickers to make patterns on the glasses.Stickers!Victoria helps Gelsomine sand-blast her cupGelsomine with her finished glassWaiting in line to sand-blast glasses
Using stickers to create patternsFinishing up the glassesAshley and Jennifer finish up their glassesOdette peels the stickers off her glass to reveal the final patterns!Victoria helps Maat sand-blast her glassVictoria helps Maat sand-blast her glass

Art Ready Fall 2012 Studio Visit: Victoria Calabro, Sculpture/Installation Artist at Urban Glass Studio, a set on Flickr.

For our visit to Victoria Calabro and Urban Glass studios, students were treated to both a slide-show and a hands on project, as an introduction to working with glass. Victoria’s glass sculpture/installation work is very time-consuming, labor intensive and costly to produce, so she described tricks of the trade like exchanging time with other artists, helping to manage the glass studio in exchange for workspace, and teaching and doing commercial glass work projects to earn the money needed to pay for buying glass and using the glass-blowing studio next door. Victoria described her process in making the twisted glass picture frames that are prominent in some of her installations, and look like they are melting. She creates molds out of picture frames to shape the glass, then melts and twists the glass frames in the hot glass studio, to achieve her signature warped shapes.

Though Victoria’s process in making such pieces involves many steps, she enabled the Art Ready students to experience a much faster way of working with glass. Students were given blank drinking glasses to decorate with stickers and tape. After decorating, students took their glasses to a sand-blasting machine, which covered their glasses with a frosty coating, leaving the patterns formed by the stickers as clear glass. Each student was able to take home an original creation, and learn one of the many ways to manipulate glass into something artistic and functional.


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