Art Ready Field Trip: Whitney Museum of American Art, “Sinister Pop” exhibition, 01/23/13


Art Ready students greet the Youth Insights students in the lobby of the Whitney

For our final Art Ready trip before students were matched with their mentors, we went on a trip to the famous Whitney Museum of American Art. We were there to take a tour of an exhibit entitled Sinister Pop, which critiques the idea of the American dream that existed throughout the 1960s. The purpose of this exhibit was to depict the mindset of Americans in a way that many would never imagine. The tour was given to us by the Youth Insights Artists program at the Whitney. This program trains high school students to be able to give Museum tours, while partnering them with contemporary artists.

Peter Saul, "Saigon, 1967," Enamel, oil, and synthetic polymer on canvas, 92 3/4" × 142"

Peter Saul, “Saigon, 1967,” Enamel, oil, and synthetic polymer on canvas, 92 3/4″ × 142″

There was a painting called Saigon, 1967, toward the exit of the exhibit, that showed the reality of America’s effect on Vietnam during that time. This piece in particular was interesting because it raised eyebrows when it was looked at. It shows American soldiers torturing the Vietnamese rather than rescuing. I think this piece was a valuable aspect of the exhibit because it dives straight into the meaning of the show. This artwork, with few words, informs its audience that what they know is only sugar-coated information about the 1960’s.

– Post by Dennis Metoyer, Exploring the Arts intern


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