Student Works in Progress in Susan Hamburger’s Studio

Damarcus, Kayla and Malik are all interested in drawing, and Kayla, in particular, is interested in painting.  All of them are finding out how challenging it can be to narrow one’s focus, especially when there are so many potential subjects! After spending our first session checking out Elise Engler’s show at Robert Henry Contemporary, downstairs from the studio, the following week we began trying to pare down choices.

Damarcus is currently experimenting with ink and pencil, using the manikin as his model with the goal of creating manga-style characters for a graphic novel.



Kayla began with a small painting in acrylics and now plans to make a series of celebrity portraits.  We looked at portraits by Alex Katz and Elizabeth Peyton to get some ideas about how to approach this project.


Malik has done a little bit of drawing and painting with watercolor…


and is very interested in the virtual landscape of video games.  He’s learning to scale up a small drawing on this theme, using the grid method.


Everyone is on their own track, but working really well together and looking forward to a trip to the Lower East Side to check out the galleries.


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