A trip to Jazz at Lincoln Center with Phill, Dennis, Maat, and Tania

At the end of the Fall semester of Art Ready, two other Art Ready students and I were matched up with Phillip Shung. He will be my mentor until the end of Art Ready’s Spring Semester. Phill works in the field of graphic design, which is why I wanted to work with him. Graphic design is part of our everyday lives so I wanted to learn more about this art form from Phill.

During our first meeting with Phill, we went over ideas that we felt should be incorporated in our final project, which is going to be a magazine as well as a photo spread.  I have an interest in music so I thought it would be useful to do my part of the project of my friend’s band, Any Given Weekday. It fits in to the overall theme of our project, which happens to be life in Brooklyn. Any Given Weekday is a band of five high school students from my school that all reside in Brooklyn, so I believed that my part of the project could be about young talent from Brooklyn.

We have been on a few trips since we first met in February. The last trip we went on was the most relevant to our music portion of the project. On March 13th, we took a trip to Jazz at Lincoln Center, where we were given a tour by one of Phill’s friends that works for Jazz at Lincoln Center because there were no performances that night. We learned about the different rooms that are used on a weekly basis, which consist of the Rose Theater, the Allen Room, and Dizzy’s. Each of these rooms has a sound station to control how loud the music is, for the contort of the audience. I believe this trip was extremely informative because now I have information that I can possibly give to my friend’s band about performances.

When I was at Jazz at Lincoln Center, I got the chance to take photos on Phil’s Digital SLR Camera. Check out the sideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Post by Dennis Metoyer, Exploring the Arts intern


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