Visit to Sabrina Jones’ Studio

On April 10, Caitlyn, Damarcus, Kayla and Malik met up with mentor, Susan Hamburger, at the studio of comic artist and graphic novelist, Sabrina Jones, in Brooklyn. Sabrina creates graphic novels that focus on political narratives and social justice. She was very generous with her time and answered many questions about how she began her career, what subjects inspire her and how she creates her work. She spoke about tools and materials, writing, collaborating and publishing. We all had a chance to see her completed work as well as work she had in progress. Everyone came away with a much clearer understanding of the process of creating a graphic novel from its origination in the studio to its placement on store shelves. Students contributed with responses to the trip along with photos below:

“Today’s trip inspired me.  I want to draw more now because of it, and it helped me to understand what a career in graphic novels is like. It helped me prepare for the future.”

“I learned about different art styles and different jobs… being an artist. The most interesting part about the trip was seeing the process of creating books….” -Damarcus

“Getting to visit Sabrina’s studio was a great experience. I learned all about her life as an artist. Seeing her work … all around her room actually inspired me to do the same.”

“Sabrina’s graphic novel work was … different from the way I [think of] graphic novels. Her work was non-fiction. She answered my questions about … what steps to go through to be a graphic novelist.” -Malik

 in the studio



IMG_2735 IMG_2734 IMG_2733 IMG_2730 IMG_2737


Sabrina's cat“Adorable ‘Living cup of Mocha’ Kitty (courtesy of Caitlyn)


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