Studio Visit: Rosemary Taylor, Painter/Mixed Media Artist, 11/20/13

This week, Art Ready students continued to learn how to express their creativity in art. Artist Rosemary Taylor seeks to help students create artwork with many different materials.

Rosemary’s current studio is in Fort Green, Brooklyn (though it is moving to the Flatbush area soon). Rosemary Taylor went to Brooklyn College, where she received her MFA. She also went to Massachusetts College of Art where she received her BFA. Rosemary has taught and worked in a wide variety of places and organizations such as Joan Mitchell Foundation and Bronx Museum. She has also shown her work in many galleries including Smack Mellon.

After everyone introduced themselves, Rosemary began to talk about her artwork. She says in most of her pieces you’ll see some aspects of graffiti and figure drawing. As we began to look around her studio, we did notice some human figures and spray paint used in her artwork.

One piece that was most interesting to me was a canvas that was located on the far right of the room, of what looked like a 80’s mirror. You know the ones celebrities would have in their dressing rooms with lightbulbs framed all around them, for putting on makeup. What stood out to me the most in the painting was what looked like red lips, for I am a fan of red lipstick.

Overall, I think that Rosemary’s style of art shows a great sense of freedom, as in, each piece doesn’t have to look the same or be around the same subject. I know when I used spray paint for the first time, I wanted to go wild and draw crazy figures in different colors. One thing I learned from Rosemary was to never limit yourself.

Post by Delana, Exploring the Arts Intern


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