Studio Artist Visit: Michael Paul Britto, Photo/Video Artist, 12/4/13

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“Why make art if you’re not going to make a statement?” Artist Michael Paul Britto amazed Art Ready students with his videos on events that are happening in the world today.

Michael Paul Britto is a video artist whose work deals with misconception and stereotypes and even racism towards African Americans in the United States. He is also a former Smack Mellon resident Artist from 2007. Michael is now a high school media teacher as well as an instructor at Downtown Community Television Center‘s (DCTV) Pro-TV youth program. There he teaches youth as well as young adults the process of making film. We met there to look at his work.

As students settled in Michael began to talk about his work as well as show a video. One video that stood out to me was called “Terms of Endearment.” It was a video of a miniature porcelain African American couple sitting down. The video was basically about the way Michael saw African Americans speak to each other. As mentioned before, Michael is a high school teacher and he says he sees a lot of kids who are in relationships talk to each other in a negative way. I agree with Michael’s interpretation because a lot of times at school I do see a lot of kids talking to their significant others negatively. You can see the video on his website.

Micheal Paul Britto says he gets a lot of bad reviews on his work as well as good ones. Many people don’t like to talk about racism against African Americans or against any other race. Michael says he likes to make people uncomfortable. His work made me realize that even though we may not see it, racism still is happening.

Post by Delana, Exploring the Arts intern


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