Trying New Things at Maia’s Studio

Post by Maia Cruz Palileo, mentor

At mentor Maia Cruz Palileo’s studio, Cesar, Amy, and Clinton all tried something new. After a snack of crackers and cheese and catching up on each others mid winter breaks, everybody got to work.

Amy working with modeling clay:



Amy worked with modeling clay and various clay tools. Her goal in this mentorship is to combine sculpture and painting. She is making small clay models which will serve as sketches for larger, painted paper mache and foam sculptures. Amy’s Chinese Monk explores texture and facial expression.

Cesar working on his clay model:



Cesar, who is interested in the theme of duality, spent most of the session researching the proportions of the head, working and reworking a small clay head. He plans to come back next time and start working on a life size head of the goddess Echidna, mother of all monsters, in modeling clay.

The beginning stage of Clinton’s large scale drawing in charcoal:


Clinton is interested in the human figure. He has a strong drawing practice and has filled many many sketchbooks since he was a small child. This week, he experimented with scale and vine charcoal, working on a large piece of drawing paper tacked to the wall. It was his first time working this large. He will continue to explore larger scale in both 2D and 3D mediums.


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