Sculpting Memories

Posted by Maia Cruz Palileo, Mentor

Since it’s our last day in the studio, we decided to call this post “Sculpting Memories” because our time together will soon be a fond memory and everyone decided to make sculptures for the upcoming show.

As you can see in the pic below, everybody is hard at work. Clinton
is adding layer upon layer of magazine strips dipped in a glue and
water solution while Cesar models a stand for a sculpture of an Ank to
the soundtrack of jazz and the occasional whirr of a hair drier that
Amy is using to dry the gesso on her foam sculpture.

above: Cesar and Clinton working on their clay and paper mache sculptures

A few words and pics from Amy, Cesar, and Clinton…



Above: Amy’s foam relief being gessoed

Amy writes:
I am Amy and my sculpture isn’t drying fast enough. I forgot my other
sculpture at home this morning but it turned out that it was more
convenient to bring the sculpture home anyway. I just wish gesso dried
faster than I could say Alakazam and I fear the hair drier is going to
explode on me any minute now.





Above: A sneak peak of Cesar’s clay sculpture

Cesar writes:
As for me, Cesar, I’ve been exploring a medium that I’ve only had
small experiences with. When sculpting clay, I had various ideas of
what to sculpt. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time or resources
for any of these, so instead i decided to wing it. The clay I was
sculpting with was different from other types I’ve worked with in the
past, as it was far more wet and messy and had various rules to the
process such as scoring and slipping: two techniques that were alien
to me before. Along with that, returned an old rule from my days with
playdoh: This is the kind of clay that drys in open air. The process
took much trial and error before I became satisfied with my work, and
in all honesty, I wish i had more time to refine it. However, I am no
less proud of my work and it’s end result, as my first completed



Above: Clinton with his paper mache sculpture and a close-up of the hand

Clinton writes:
I’m Clinton and I’ve been trying 3d art, in particular, sculpture. As
of now I’m overlaying the structure with strips of paper so it can be
resilient. I’m not used to using this kind of medium and  I
underestimated myself. My piece is sort of weird, and took some time
to do. What I love most about his piece is the hand and how it
interacts with the wall. That’s it.


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