First Weeks of Art Ready!

Art Ready students with Oasa DuVerney at Smack Mellon. October 15, 2014.

Art Ready students with Oasa DuVerney at Smack Mellon. October 15, 2014.

On Wednesday, October 15th, another year of Art Ready started at Smack Mellon! The first day was very productive and nice. We met different artists coming from all over Brooklyn with various art styles and media they work with. We discussed the schedule of the program. In the first semester of the course we will be going on a series of field trips to meet different artists and see their art studios. At the end of the first semester, in January, we will choose which artist that we’ve met that will be our mentor. The mentors that we choose will be working with us during the second part of the semester where we’ll explore and create different artworks with them.


Estaban del Valle with Art Ready students in his Smack Mellon studio. October 22, 2014.

I’m very excited to be part of this program. It’s very refreshing and an amazing experience to meet these different artists and learn about their passion in art and what they express through different things they make. So far we’ve met five artists who all have different origins and artwork A few are Oasa DuVerney, Estaban De Valle, and Phillip Shung . The first artist we met was Oasa who expresses her art in several different ways through sculpture, drawings, and paintings. She uses personal experiences and political elements to deliver different messages through various forms of artwork. I found it beautiful and amazing. Her work was loosely similar to Esteban’s work, another artist we met in the second week. Estaban also works with various media and also creates political artwork. He mainly creates murals and has been doing so since he’s been in high school. Can you imagine that dedication and passion? These are feelings most artists have. We also met a web designer, Phillip who designed the look for many famous hip-hop magazines that we probably have come across or read. He also does different types of graphic design work. It’s amazing to meet so many different artists coming from several other backgrounds and expressing messages, passions and pure emotions through their artwork from painting to sculpture. You can create anything.

Art Ready students with Phillip Shung at his Brooklyn storefront.

Art Ready students with Phillip Shung at his Brooklyn storefront.



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