Art Ready: A Visit with a Mixed Media Artist and a Portfolio Prep Class


Natalia Nakazawa in her studio at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts showing her textile work and the meanings behind them.

These past weeks at Art Ready have been extremely informative and helpful. I’ve learned so much about different art schools and colleges. A couple recent artists we met were Natalia Nakazawa and Sonya Blesofsky. Natalia does mixed media. Her projects vary from working on textile design, Photoshop, paint and even sculptures. It’s very inspiring to learn different styles of artwork that the artists are interested in. It amazes me. Also its very fascinating to learn the different art programs and colleges they have participated in. Art opens an abundance of opportunities, more than you may think it does. Another artist we met was Sonya. She works with students to make portfolios for art colleges and just colleges with art programs. It’s very important and most of the time mandatory that students who want to attend art schools make an art portfolio for colleges and even different programs. Sonya gave us insight on what should be included in an art portfolio. She also gave feedback on a few student’s artwork who were working on their portfolios. I found this class very informational and helpful to me learning how to make my portfolio.


Sonya Blesofsky at Smack Mellon giving an Art Ready student comments on his portfolio pieces.



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