A Day at The Museum


Art Ready students looking at artwork from the Crossing Brooklyn exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.


Art Ready students interacting with artwork from Crossing Brooklyn exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

This week at Art Ready we went to the Brooklyn Museum to see the exhibit Crossing Brooklyn. This exhibit was riveting and amazing. It showed Brooklyn through the eyes of different artists and their work displayed this borough in various concepts using traditional and non-traditional media and art materials. Normally, we use paper, pencils and even clay to display our work but these artists used eccentric and very non-common materials to create a vision of what Brooklyn is to them. Some used metal and plastic to create what is very commonly seen so much it goes unnoticed or using fabric to give the first African American president dedication and even pulling random things from an infamous swamp from your hometown. All these different elements of art can tell so many different stories about how Brooklyn has had an impact on who they became. Another reason why I found this exhibit amazing is that it gave you an insight on the artist from Brooklyn. We mostly overlook things in our neighborhood. It’s important to have these artists in our community to remind us of the beauty we live in and to keep filling it with art.

– Jemila


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