EFA Open house: Armory Arts Week 2015

Post by: Sahara
Mentor: Natalia Nakazawa

On Tuesday, March 3rd I went to the EFA Open House during Armory Arts Week with my mum. My mum and I are very into art, she’s an artist herself. We both shared interest in a couple of the same artists we saw. The three top artists that I enjoyed a lot were Cecile Chong, Tai Hwa Goh, and Xin Song. Tai Hwa Goh and Xin Song use paper and Cecile Chong uses wax and beads and other mixed media. Additionally I saw three exhibitions on the second third and fifth floors.

Here are some reflections on a few of my favorite artists:


IMG_4040   IMG_4041

What stands out to me the most in Cecile Chong’s work is that she uses ordinary objects and turns them into beautiful art installations. She used a couple different types of skate boards and put wax over them and carved and painted on the surfaces of them. Little asian women figures that looked strong and elegant. There were also colanders that she beaded all over the surface to cover the object which created a new “thing.”



Tai Hwa Goh was a really sweet woman! My mum enjoyed her work as much as I did. She used a see-through foggy paper that she printed on, or painted. She uses bright, colorful textures that are full of movement, which she prints on top of the paper, then cuts the paper to fit the drawing/print. (she probably does it another way but that is just what I’m guessing from observing the art.) She also layers the drawing/prints and by doing so creates these more 3D images – that may physically move with the breeze generated by a passerby. She made a pipe come out of the wall with the same material, the pipe had really pretty things coming out of it, looked like decorative ooze. (The same see-through foggy paper.) I enjoyed her art very much.


Xin Song is an artist that cuts out images of her choice made from paper and places them behind a glass to create a new platform for the cut outs. She places different things (the cut outs) in a specific arrangement. She finds her images from newspapers, magazines, political books, and cuts out things to see the beauty of it, and show a more enlightened image.


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