Trip to Chelsea: Pablo Helguera, Saya Woolfalk, and Reinier Gerritsen

Post by: Kuburatu

On February 7th, 2015 I met my mentor Natalia Nakazawa. After meeting her, she showed me around the area, pointing out all the different galleries in Chelsea.

IMG_6816 IMG_6819 IMG_6820 IMG_6824

The first exhibition we went to was Pablo Helguera’s solo exhibition called “Pablo Helguera’s: Strange Oasis” at Kent Fine Arts Gallery. The first thing we encountered was a darkly lit room surrounded by velvet curtains. As you open the curtain you walk into another part of the room where the first thing you see are tin cans, each can marked with a different word: the names of deceased ideologies. Then you turn and see pendents each showing something different. As you go on through the show you find out that the room houses the ashes of the dead and the obstacles people face. Going through the show I decided to pick a tin can with masculinity written on the side. Well I won’t go into details, but I decided to choose this specific ideology to express the things many girls and women have to go through in order to prove that we are strong independent women who can take on the same task as men and boys.

IMG_6836 IMG_6837 IMG_6838  IMG_6843

The second exhibition we visited was Saya Woolfalk’s solo exhibition called, “ChimaTEK: Hybridity Visualization System” at the Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects gallery. In this exhibition you do not only get to see paintings but you also get to see a whole new world. A world where when you walk through the exhibition it feels as if you are in that other world, due to the sounds, videos, sculptures, etc. She brings out colors and ideas many people would not even dream of creating, making her work unique. One of my favorite piece was a head peace decorated with beads, paper covered bones, butterflies, a skull, and bright beautiful colors. This piece gives me the idea that people dream of things but do not bring it to reality, showing how they feel or what they want. This exhibition just makes people wonder and dream of something other than reality, taking them into a new world.


IMG_6854 IMG_6857

The next exhibition we visited was Reinier Gerritsen’s solo exhibition of photography called, “The Last Book”, at the Julie Saul Gallery. In these pictures you see the way the light is working, which meant he did not work around the lighting of the train, but he used the light in order to get the clear and precise shots he wanted. At first walking into this I did not know what to expect, because all you saw were people reading books and doing nothing else. Then I wondered if he was trying to capture his experience and memories of what he sees in his everyday life, because someone once told me that you don’t take pictures, you capture the memories. And memories are more wonderful than taking something you won’t remember later on, but a memory always lasts and can never be taken away.


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