Barnacle People

To be an essential part of the Art Ready program is exciting and wonderful. On December 9th of 2015 the participants of Art Ready visited Beth Dary, a wonderful artist who creates intriguing sculptures, installations, and drawings that represent the way an environment can have an effect on the development of a person, plant, or inanimate object. Walking into the very studio where Ms.Dary works felt warm and welcoming.

In some of Ms.Dary’s work the inspiration of barnacles is used. Barnacles are the first to develop in an ecosystem and are affected by their environment as they develop. To make her own barnacles Ms.Dary uses porcelain that is hand-built and made to be vulnerable to the environment. The most interesting thing about Ms.Dary’s barnacle installation is the focus on community and the environment that affects the progression of that said environment. It can connect with the people of any neighborhood or community because of how humans grow and think because of what we surround ourselves with.

After Ms.Dary took her time to kindly talk with us about her work, we were asked to participate in an activity where we were given clay and make a small sculpture on what our, “dream pet” would be. Once finished we presented our small pets to each other. I personally had a great time with this artist. –Jayda



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