Jewels of Thought

What do we think about when looking at out bracelets, rings, and other jewelry? Do we think about the process that makes the wonderful jewelry we wear? Do we even care to think about the wonderful artists that design the jewelry? Emilie Shapiro, a beautiful jewelry designer, creates the jewelry that we absolutely love to wear and never seem to stop and think about.  Ms. Shapiro uses many different mediums to create her jewelry such as rough emeralds, sterling silver, rose gold, rough sapphires, and more.  Ms. Shapiro uses rough gemstones instead of refined because of how she sees beauty in natural imperfection. Her inspiration and favorite color is the ocean (blue) due to where she grew up.

When looking around the studio of Emilie Shapiro, you feel a familiar comfort that all art studios seem to have, almost as if you can feel the warmth and passion that the artist has for her work. She spoke to us diligently on how she makes her jewelry with the method of lost wax casting. Using a drill, Emilie sculpts a design piece into hard wax and casts the design into metal. I find this method interesting and unique because of how ancient Egyptians and other ancient civilizations used this method. I find that Ms. Shapiro’s style of jewelry fascinating and the Art Ready group was amazed at her methods of creating jewelry. In my personal opinion I feel as if the group as a whole enjoyed their visit, had fun, and would indeed visit Ms. Shapiro again.



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