The Storytelling Treez

On Wednesday, January 6th the students of Smack Mellon’s Art Ready program visited the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) to view Ebony G. Patterson’s exhibit, Dead Treez. This exhibit had vivid colors and thanks to our tour guide Carlos we were able to really think critically of the beautiful artwork presented to us. The art in this exhibit are installations and tapestries that have inspiration of Jamaica’s dancehall culture in post-colonial times. The focus was on how the, “masculine” look has changed because of popular culture and present a more complex vision as to what, “masculinity” truly is and how us as human beings stand out from the crowd in different ways. The goal that the artist had was to raise questions and bring attention in the minds of her viewers to the subjects of beauty, gender ideals, and constructs of masculinity within black culture. I was absolutely fascinated by the work presented and so were the other students of the Art Ready program. We were in love with not only the vibrant color but also the great attention to detail and deep meaning that the art had. Personally, I believe that this excellent work should be well known. We would like to thank those at the Museum of Arts and Design for having us and would happily return in order to see more fantastic artwork.



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