Grey Unicorns and Pound Cake

For our final studio visit, the Art Ready students got the privilege to meet the wonderful artist, Nyeema Morgan. I found her, in my personal opinion, to be one of the most interesting artists we have met.  Nyeema is a sculptor and painter who likes to think about the different ways we see, view, and remember certain subjects. When we first stepped into the Smack Mellon media lab to view Nyeema’s presentation, we were asked to draw a rhinoceros. Once we were finished we compared the rhinos that we drew. Nyeema pointed out to the group that we all drew the same thing but because of the differences in our memory and in our perspectives of what a rhino would look like we each drew a rhino differently. Nyeema then related her point to the Dürer rhinoceros, a rhino that was drawn only with the guidance of what other people could recall about the rhino they saw. 

Nyeema then went on to talk about her life and artwork. One of her projects that she mostly touched upon is the Forty-Seven Easy Poundcakes Like grandma Use To Make”  Nyeema’s grandmother played an important role in her life and her grandmother’s recipe for pound cake inspired her to look at how every other person makes the pound cake. In Nyeema’s opinion the best pound cake would be the cake that her grandmother made and in a few of the Art Ready student’s it was others. The work Nyeema made highlights how many different opinions and ways there were to make a simple pound cake and to me, that is simply creative. Other parts of Ms.Morgan’s life that the Art Ready students found to be interesting was the fact that she even once sculpted human body parts to help medical patients and grew up surrounded by art due to the fact her parents were artistic. I find Ms.Morgan has a noteworthy style to her art and the students of Art Ready would absolutely be open to another studio visit with Nyeema.



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