Favorite Moments


My favorite moment in the program so far was learning how to crochet. I never took an interest before, so it was my first time. It was really challenging at first, but after a while it became addictive. I never thought I would like an activity like that, but I am glad I was introduced to it.     -Sabrina

My favorite parts so far have been drawing self portraits and visiting MoMA, I’ve never drawn a portrait before so it was a really cool experience. I was happy with how it came out. Also, I’ve never been to MoMA. It was great to finally visit. I was able to see the original “Starry Night”.    -Elyse

The best moments of the program so far is sitting around and getting to know people you once thought you’d never meet. The program allows people to enjoy each other’s company through art and it’s a very peaceful and rewarding experience.   -Avery

My favorite moment of Art Ready was when my group went to MOMA and I saw my first Picasso painting. The colors, the mystery made me love art work even more.   -Zelarn



Post by Cecile – mentor





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