The World is a Looking Glass, Giving Back to All a Reflection of Their Face.

On February 24th, the Art ready group went on a field trip to UrbanGlass. UrbanGlass is a glassblowing facility that is the first and largest glass artist studio in the United States. The students were amazed by the tour they were given and the explanation of making glass art itself. The tour was given by Victoria Calabro who was wonderful enough to explain her experiences as an artist who specializes in sculpture, installation, and craft art with mediums such as glass, metal, and rubber. Other than just talking about her art, Victoria explained that she teaches her art to others and enjoys watching others learn. Her love for teaching led us into our main activity and the very purpose of our trip, creating our own glass art. We were to use a drinking glass or a vase that we chose and, “frost” them using a sandblaster. Everyone was excited and all of the Art Ready students found the activity to be fun. Students enjoyed the process of making glass art so much that they even made more than one sandblast designed piece. Many of the Art Ready students would love to return to UrbanGlass and make even more sandblasted art either on their own time or on another field trip. Either way, the students absolutely loved this field trip and thank Ms.Calabro for her amazing presentation. She may have even inspired some of our young artists to make glass art for a living.



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