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Brainstorming With Phillip Shung and Mentees

In the beginning there were many ideas being shuffled around and changing but we have managed to round it down to 3 main topics. Cosplay,technolgy,and homelessness our magazine will be a combination of these topics. Each topic a peice of ice that will melt and together become water hense the name Melt™.


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Ellen and Johan’s explorations in Printmaking

From the first meeting up until today, we have made a drypoint and printed it using the chine colle technique.  The press was used for this method.  The new plate is a very intricate collagraph.  I hope to learn more techniques to create more complex plates as well.


A test trial of chine colle and glue print in order to inform me of what the media can do. It is also for the reason of observation of this technique.


First attempt in drypoint. I carved the image into a plastic plate, inked it and used the press to print it.


Second attempt on dry point but with chine colle. A combination between two printing techniques. A stylish work of print.



In this image I am cutting an image for a collagraph which is a work in progress.

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First meetings Marie Laffont and her Mentees


Fashion often takes from all other forms of art as well as life.The fashion project that they will be doing requires a close study in museums for inspiration.


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Visit to the Brooklyn Museum

This gallery contains 5 photos.

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Mentor Marie Laffont-Amazing Shoe Designer

Ms. Laffont spoke with our young artists on the intricacy and work that goes into designing shoes that then go to market. This included a technique called mood boards where all forms of inspiration and ideas from magazines and texture books are stuck unto a large piece of cardboard which end up fueling the designs for a shoe.

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Visting Michael Paul Britto’s studio at DCTV

Paul Britto is a man of many talents and seems to be a man of character. He has experience in performance, sculpture, video, collage, and photography that centers around his experiences growing up in Brooklyn. His work points out racial inequalty and social injustice.

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