Art Portfolio and College Preparation

Click here for the full entry on the Art Ready portfolio prep classes with Sonya Blesofsky!

General advice, compiled by Sonya Blesofsky, updated Fall 2013

Articles to Read:

How to make an art portfolio for college or university (the ultimate guide)           By , teacher of Art & Design and a Curriculum Co-ordinator and is responsible for the course design and assessment of Art and Design work in two high-achieving Auckland schools.

Preparing Your Portfolio for College Admissions
By Kavin Buck, Artist and Director of Recruitment & Outreach, UCLA School of the Arts & Architecture. A summary of the steps to take in preparing a portfolio, and what colleges are looking for.

Tools for Writing an Artist’s Statement
A helpful step-by-step guide to writing about your own artwork for college application essays and any type of presentation of your work, compiled by Smack Mellon teaching artist Sonya Blesofsky.

National Portfolio Day website
The official website for National Portfolio Day, which includes information about the event and about choosing art schools in general. Click here for a list of participating art schools!

AP Studio Art website
Summarizes the components of a successful Advanced Placement Studio Art portfolio exam.

Visit the links below for samples of student portfolios in different media:


3-D: Artwork: 


College board website
A comprehensive resource on the college application process, including information on selecting a school, applying, and financial aid.

Portfolio Requirements from different art schools:

Documenting your artwork advice from
Some good info about preparing your portfolio and shooting work.


2 Responses to Art Portfolio and College Preparation

  1. Pingback: Portfolio Prep class with Sonya Blesofsky, 10/26/11 | Smack Mellon Art Ready

  2. PortPrep says:


    All of the links are indeed helpful for art students. However, there are links that aren’t working properly.

    The link under the National Portfolio Day website (the “click here”) isn’t working. Same goes for the CCA link (

    I would also like to suggest a link that you can include here. The PortPrep Blog has a post titled “Applying to an Arts Program in College? Here’s What to Include in Your Portfolio” that includes great tips and tutorial videos on building an art portfolio that will get students into the best art colleges.

    Thanks and hope my suggestions helped!

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